Laptops for Abbey Court Kids

Dear Friends,

Carrboro Mayor Mark Chilton and Orange Networking are raising $3,000 to provide laptops for fifteen kids at Abbey Court. Can you help us? We want to close the digital divide for fifteen families who currently have no computer at home. Please give whatever you can by clicking here. If you prefer to donate via check please make it out to ‘Orange Networking’ then contact me for our mailing address.

Abbey Court is an apartment complex in Carrboro, North Carolina. It is home to many Carrboro Hispanics. Unfortunately many of the young children who live there don’t have the technical resources we take for granted.

The American Psychological Associations says, “… children from low-SES (Socioeconomic Status) households and communities develop academic skills more slowly compared to children from higher SES groups (Morgan, Farkas, Hillemeier, & Maczuga, 2009).”

Orange Networking is a North Carolina non-profit tax exempt organization I started in 2006. Its primary goal is to bridge the digital divide. To learn more about it’s mission and goals please check out our mission page.

Please tell others about the Laptops for Abbey Court Kids campaign today. A blog post, Twitter, and Facebook would be great! Attached is a graphic that could help with that.

The holiday is a great time to make a donation to help. All donations to Orange Networking for this fundraising campaign are tax deductible. Donation receipt letters will be sent to all donors. Let’s do something to close the gap!

Happy Holidays!

-Brian Russell

Founder and Chairman of Orange Networking

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